Dear neighbour,

You might wonder, what exactly is Koningsdag and why do the Dutch celebrate it? And why does everyone dress up in orange?



Koningsdag or King’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands on April 27th to celebrate King Willem-Alexander’s birthday. Local neighbourhoods organise festivities on Kingsday, and Archipel & Willemspark are famous for it!

Main events on King’s Day feature the “freemarket” (Dutch: vrijmarkt) all over the country, where everybody is permitted to sell things in the streets. Other activities include street parties, children’s games, individual musical performances, and music concerts.

During the celebrations as reference to the colour of the royal House of Orange- Nassau, people dress in orange, which is sometimes called “orange craze”.


Kingsday Archipel & Willemspark

Every year a group of volunteers of the Archipel & Willemspark neighbourhood organise Kingsday around the fountain of the Bankaplein. With the help of local shops and enthusiastic neighbours they organise a day full of freemarket, games, music, sports, drinks and food.

We would love for you to join us in the festivities! On this page you can find the program of the day.


Barbecue tickets and membership

Barbecue tickets can only be purchased in advance. On this page you can order your tickets right now. Please be aware that the number of tickets is limited, so be assured you place your order in time!

Kingsday is organised with the financial help of local business, shops and donations of people from the neighbourhood. If you want to support Kingsday celebrations, you can buy yourself a membership of Kingsday Archipel & Willemspark. For 20€ per year for a family you get 50% discount on your barbecue tickets, and you help the volunteers to organise the festivities. Submit your details here to get your membership.


If you have any questions or you would like to help on Kingsday with some of the festivities, send us a message via the submission form on this page and we will contact you.


We love to welcome you on the fun-filled day centred around the Bankaplein fountain!

See you April 27th!